Year-round self-sufficiency

Healthy eating

Accelerated plant growth

Easy to use

Handmade in Slovenia

LightGarden - vaš najboljši pomočnik v kuhinji

LightGarden - your best helper in the kitchen

Your cooking will be easier with the LightGarden indoor garden, as you will have fresh herbs at your fingertips at all times.

It will instantly upgrade your dishes and impress your family and friends. And you'll also make your meals healthier and more nutritious.

Fresh herbs will be available to you all the time, all year round.

With the LightGarden indoor garden, you grow your favourite herbs yourself, without the need for special capsules like with other indoor gardens. All you have to do is plant them or place them in the indoor garden and water them regularly. Easy!
MikroGarden - do bolj zdravega načina življenja

MicroGarden - towards a healthier lifestyle

Discover the wide range of microgreens flavours. Use them to enhance your meals and ensure a healthy and nutritious daily intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Thanks to their fast growth, some microgreens are ready in just 7 days!
Vgrajena LED tehnologija imitira spekter sončne svetlobe

Built-in LED technology mimics the spectrum of sunlight

Innovatively designed allotments with a touch of technology can make gardening your new favourite hobby. With built-in LED technology, you can grow plants in rooms with little or no light.

The built-in LED technology mimics the spectrum of sunlight, with the green and blue parts of the spectrum promoting growth and the red part of the spectrum promoting yield, flowering and fruit formation.

With regular watering and pruning, you will be delighted to see how your plants are progressing.

Choose yours and start eating healthily

LightGarden EVO

LightGarden EVO

Based on two years of trials, testing and feedback, we have developed the all-new LightGarden EVO indoor garden for you to grow your own herbs and vegetables at home. Let the LightGarden EVO be your best kitchen helper! You can plant any herbs, vegetables or flowers in the garden. You can plant directly with seeds or stop pots of herbs in it.
from 129,90 €


Growing microgreens will become easier and more successful with the MikroGarden indoor garden, even in rooms where there is no natural light.
from 109,90 €


Planter is a minimalist design lamp for growing your houseplants that adapts elegantly to your space. The integrated full spectrum LED light simulates sunlight to give your plants the light they need to grow smoothly.
from 49,90 €
Začetniški paket za vzgojo mikrozelenja

Starter pack for microgreening

StartGarden is a starter pack that might spark your passion for microgreening, or spark your child's interest and enthusiasm.
from 14,95 €

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